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Size: 450ml


(A General Restorative Baby Tonic)

Teething is no problem if Deshrakshak BALAMRIT is with them.

It is prepared in such a way that infants and children should be free from the teeth ingproblemse. g. loosemotions, low fever and cold cough etc.

Ayurvedic preparations are boon for children because there is no side effect or toxicity. Since the period of out forefather's BANAFSA, GAUZBAN, NILOPHAR, MULETHI & KHOOBKALAN are traditionally used for cold. cough and fever, KAKRASHRINGI, KARPOOR, ATIS, SOUNF are used for griping pain, indigestion and diarrhoea. We have added Arvind as a vaalso to give an unique health to child.

It gives all round supplement to the health of children

Indication: As a diretary supplement in infants and children, helps in Growing, correct the deficiencies of Calcium, Iron and Vitamins useful in Teething problems.


Extract of Bansa, Gauzbam, Nilophar, Mulethi, Khoob, Kalano, Kakra Shringio, Camphor, Atiso, Sounph, Arvindasav, Syrup

How To Use

1 Tea Spoon ful twice a day